Bisibelebath Powder

Bisibelebath Powder



Ingredients:Urad dal,Channa dal,Thurdal,Coriander seeds,clove,marati moggu,Cinnamon,Red chillies.

This powder is used to prepare Karnataka Delicacy Bisibelebath a medley of Rice,lentils,vegetables and spices.



This powder is used to prepare Karnataka Delicay Bisibelebath.

Legend has it that Bisibelebath, was actually created by a mischievous chef who accidentally knocked over an entire spice rack into a pot of rice and lentils. Panicked, he tried to salvage the mess by throwing in some veggies and masala, hoping no one would notice. Little did he know, he had stumbled upon the culinary equivalent of a happy accident. The mishmash of flavors somehow transformed into a dish that made taste buds do the tango. It’s like the ingredients had a secret pact to turn chaos into culinary gold. And thus, Bisibelebath was born. Who would’ve thought that a dish with a name that sounds like a tongue twister would end up being the ultimate twist of fate in the world of food?

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