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Vangibath Powder

Ingredients:Channa dal,Urad,dal,Dhania,Spices,chillies. Vangibath powder is a cherished spice blend originating from South Indian cuisine that adds a burst of aromatic flavors to a popular rice dish known as "Vangibath" or "Brinjal Rice."  

Uchellu Powder

Ingredients:Niger seeds Homemade Huchellu/Niger Seeds Chutney Powder stands as a cherished tradition in North Karnataka and Maharashtrian households, showcasing the rich tapestry of regional flavors.  

Sambhar powder

Ingredients: Sambar powder is a flavorful spice blend commonly used in South Indian cuisine to prepare a traditional dish called "sambar." It's renowned for its rich taste and aromatic qualities, enhancing the flavor of various dishes.    

Rasam Powder

Ingredients:Pepper,Jeera,curry leaves,Dhaniya,Chillies. Rasam powder is a quintessential spice blend in South Indian cuisine.Traditionally prepared at home, the quality of homemade rasam powder far surpasses its commercial counterparts.

Puliyogare powder

Ingredients: Introducing Puliyogare Powder, your passport to instant flavor adventure. In a world where convenience and taste often collide, Puliyogare Powder stands as a beacon of both. This ready-to-use mix brings the magic of traditional South Indian flavors to your plate in a snap.

Puliyogare Gojju

Puliyogare Gojju is a traditional South Indian condiment known for its tangy and spicy flavors . This condiment is a staple in South Indian households which is also a quick fix for lunchbox when mixed with rice.

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Lemonrice powder

Lemon Rice Powder emerges as a culinary saviour, offering a perfect blend of convenience and homemade excellence. This instant powder serves as a flavorful companion for days when time constraints call for simplicity without compromising on taste.  

Karibevu/Curry leaves Powder

Ingredients: Introducing Curry Leaves Powder, the aromatic companion that transforms your meals into a delightful gastronomic affair.  

Idli Powder

Ingredients: Homemade Idli Powder,also known as Milagai Podi enhances the taste of not only idlis but also dosas, rice, and even bread.  

Chutney Powder

InUrad dal,Channa dal,Chillies,Dry coconut,hing. Chutney Powder, a tantalizing blend that packs a protein punch while elevating your meals to a new level of deliciousness. It can be sprinkled over idlis, dosas, rice enhancing each dish with its robust taste.  

Bisibelebath Powder

Ingredients:Urad dal,Channa dal,Thurdal,Coriander seeds,clove,marati moggu,Cinnamon,Red chillies. This powder is used to prepare Karnataka Delicacy Bisibelebath a medley of Rice,lentils,vegetables and spices.