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Vangibath Powder

Ingredients:Channa dal,Urad,dal,Dhania,Spices,chillies. Vangibath powder is a cherished spice blend originating from South Indian cuisine that adds a burst of aromatic flavors to a popular rice dish known as "Vangibath" or "Brinjal Rice."  


Uchellu Powder

Ingredients:Niger seeds Homemade Huchellu/Niger Seeds Chutney Powder stands as a cherished tradition in North Karnataka and Maharashtrian households, showcasing the rich tapestry of regional flavors.  


Tomato thokku

Ingredients:Tomato,chillies,oil,salt. Indulge in the unmatched pleasure of Homemade Tomato Thokku and discover a world of taste that awakens the senses.


Ingredients:Urad dal flour,rice flour,oil,salt,spices. Indulge in the authentic flavors of homemade Tengolu, a beloved South Indian delicacy meticulously crafted from the finest ingredients. This deep-fried snack is the best companion for your evening teatime.

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Tamarind Thokku

Ingredients:Raw tamarind,green chiilies. Tamarind Thokku is a type of chutney made  from raw tamarind and vibrant green chilies. This homemade tangy and spicy relish boasts a distinctive taste that perfectly balances the zesty notes of tamarind with the fiery kick of green chilies.  

Sweet Shankarpoli

Ingredients: All purpose flour,sugar,oil Our Sweet Shankarpoli is a tribute to the cherished recipes passed down through generations. Each batch is meticulously prepared with the same dedication and care that you would find in the heart of a family kitchen, ensuring an authentic taste that resonates with nostalgia.  


Spicy Shankarpoli

Ingredients: All-purpose flour, spices, oil. Introducing our Exquisite Homemade Spicy Shankarpoli – a Perfect Blend of Tradition and Bold Flavors. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to quality, our Spicy Shankarpoli offers a unique twist to the classic treat, bringing a delightful kick of spice to your taste buds.


Spicy Mixture

Ingredients:Friedgram,peanuta,oil,rice flour. Introducing our delectable Spicy Mixture – a true delight for your taste buds that perfectly complements your coffee moments and adds a burst of flavor to your gatherings with unexpected guests..  

Sambar powder

Ingredients: Sambar powder is a flavorful spice blend commonly used in South Indian cuisine to prepare a traditional dish called "sambar." It's renowned for its rich taste and aromatic qualities, enhancing the flavor of various dishes.    


Rasam Powder

Ingredients:Pepper,Jeera,curry leaves,Dhaniya,Chillies. Rasam powder is a quintessential spice blend in South Indian cuisine.Traditionally prepared at home, the quality of homemade rasam powder far surpasses its commercial counterparts.


Puliyogare powder

Ingredients: Introducing Puliyogare Powder, your passport to instant flavor adventure. In a world where convenience and taste often collide, Puliyogare Powder stands as a beacon of both. This ready-to-use mix brings the magic of traditional South Indian flavors to your plate in a snap.


Puliyogare Gojju

Puliyogare Gojju is a traditional South Indian condiment known for its tangy and spicy flavors . This condiment is a staple in South Indian households which is also a quick fix for lunchbox when mixed with rice.