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Spicy Mixture

Ingredients:Friedgram,peanuta,oil,rice flour. Introducing our delectable Spicy Mixture – a true delight for your taste buds that perfectly complements your coffee moments and adds a burst of flavor to your gatherings with unexpected guests..  

Masala Avarebele

Ingredients:Avarebele,oil,spices. Masala Avarebele is a harmonious fusion of flavors and textures, where the humble avarebele, or hyacinth beans, are elevated to new heights through a medley of aromatic spices and expert culinary craftsmanship.


Masala Avalakki

Ingredients:Avalakki/Poha,Spices,Oil,Salt,Peanuts. Indulge in the perfect pairing for your tea moments with our Masala Avalakki, encapsulating  the essence of homemade goodness. Crafted with care, this delightful treat showcases the healthiness of Poha (flattened rice) harmoniously blended with a medley of aromatic spices.    


Khara Boondi

Ingredients:Gram flour,oil,Spices. Bring the comfort of your grandmother's kitchen to your snacking moments. With Khara Boondi, you're not just enjoying a snack – you're relishing in the nostalgia and heartwarming flavors that only homemade recipes can provide.  



Ingredients:Lentils,spice.. Embark on a journey to savor the rich traditions and authentic flavors of Karnataka with our beloved Hurigaalu. This iconic snack encapsulates the essence of homemade goodness and culinary heritage, making it a cherished favorite for generations.



Ingredients:Peanuts,spices,hing,spices,oil Elevate your evening tea experience with these perfectly roasted peanuts/Congress, expertly seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices that awaken your taste buds.  


Avalakki Mixture

Ingredients:Avalakki/Poha,Peanuts,Fried Gram,Curry leaves,Salt,spices,oil. Introducing our exquisite Avalakki Mixture, a true reflection of homemade excellence. Immerse yourself in the sublime blend of flavors and textures as crispy Poha is meticulously combined with premium peanuts, aromatic curry leaves, wholesome roasted gram, and a secret selection of spices that ignite your palate.  

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Avalakki Chiwda

Ingredients:Paper Avalakki,Thin poha,Peanuts,Fried Gram. Introducing our delightful creation - Avalakki Chiwda, the ultimate guilt-free snacking experience.Whether you're enjoying a peaceful afternoon tea or hosting a gathering with friends, Avalakki Chiwda is the ideal choice.